Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page!

How much does it cost to build an Affordaplane?

  • The average price to build ranges from $4000-$7000 for a flying, complete aircraft. The Affordaplane is one of the most inexpensive aircraft to build and fly. Plus they hold their resale value very well.

What motor should I use?

  • The aircraft can use any 40 hp motor, including the Rotax 447, Kawasaki 440, 1/2 Volkswagen, and many others work well in the Affordaplane.

How hard is the Affordaplane to build?

  • The Affordaplane is one of the simplest aircraft to build in the world. Common hand tools are all that is needed, and there is NO WELDING required at all! It is a lot like building a large model airplane.

Can you build the Affordaplane as an FAR 103 ultralight or Light Sport Aircraft?

  • The Affordaplane¬† can be built as an ultralight under FAR 103 or Light Sport Aircraft. I just released a complete 103 package of drawings available free on the web site in the “How-To” section. You can also built the A-Plane as a Light Sport Aircraft, and log the hours you fly.

Where do you get your materials from?

  • We use mainly local suppliers for our metal (the aircraft is all aluminum), saving on shipping costs, and that can save you up to 50% compared to shopping from traditional aircraft supply houses. This is shown on the web site also.

Why is the Affordaplane one of the most popular ultralights /Light Sport Aircraft?

  • Grass roots flying on a budget is what the Affordaplane is all about. You get great performance, classic looks and safety too, all in one airplane. The people that have built and flown A-Planes LOVE the way they fly! The A-Plane is also one of the easiest taildraggers to fly. Plus we have a 20 year perfect safety record, with many hundreds of A-Planes flying all over the world.

Where can I get the Affordaplane Plans?

  • Complete Plans Sets are only $19.99. Printed plans for only $69.95. Our plans are the most complete, information filled pages at a great price. They contain a Builder’s Manual AND complete drawings. Every fitting is drawn full size, with dimensions. Visit https://www.affordaplane.com/buy-affordaplane-plane/¬†to start your adventure!

What kind of support is available?

    • The best! I am always available to answer any questions via email. I have been helping people just like you get their wings affordably and safely for over 20 years.Plus we have a large Facebook group that is very active and has a ton of useful info (and great people) regarding the Affordaplane. It’s at http://www.facebook.com/groups/affordaplane